Ultra-Sonic Facial Cleanser & Massager ROSEMI

$79.95 $59.90

Ultra-Sonic Facial Cleanser & Massager ROSEMI

$79.95 $59.90

Want to look handsome and have a beautiful and smooth, healthy, clean skin?

Rosemi is the most advanced, unique and practical facial cleansing device, to give you the best skincare experience, by just using 1 minute a day!

Soft silicone brushes which are vibrating and moving in a circular motion up to 24 000 pulsations per minute are giving your skin a deep cleanse and massage  and removing dead skin cells, dirt and oil 5 times more effective than washing just with your hands 

One device which handles all your manly grooming needs at a deeper level.

An amazing gift for any person, your girlfriend, partner, boyfriend for this upcoming holiday season!!


7 reasons out of hundreds why men are using Rosemi:

1. By using Rosemi just 1 minute a day, it removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells 5 times more effectively without damaging the skin compared to washing with your hands.

2. Eliminates 99% of the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that cause your skin to appear dull and unhealthy. As the fresh cells beneath take their place, your skin begins to improve its overall appearance.

3. Gets rid of enlarged and clogged pores and allows face products to absorb better into your skin which gives you a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

4. Anti-aging massaging function improves your skin blood circulation and encourages the dilation of capillaries which improves skin color and tone and you will look younger!

5. Massaging and cleansing with Rosemi also gives your skin stimulation which increases circulation and draws blood to the surface, giving you a refreshed appearance and sensation. 

6. With soft silicone brushes, you are not damaging your skin and giving yourself a natural glow.

7. If using Rosemi daily basis, it will be your new favorite daily cleansing ritual, stress reliever, and mood elevator.

How to use:

1. Splash some water on your face and on Rosemi. Then, add a few drops of your favorite cleanser soap or gel on the Rosemi or on your face. Turn on the device and choose one of the 6 power modes by pressing the ON/OFF button.

2. Move the device in a circular motion across your face. Feel the light and relaxing sensation of the silicone bristles as they glide through your face. The device automatically turns off after 1 minute of cleansing. 

3. Rinse your face with water and voila! You are all set. Now you’re ready to continue with the next steps of your usual skincare routine. You’ll notice the difference after using your Rosemi for 1 minute a day for just 7 days.

100% 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with Rosemi, you can return the device after 30 days of using it

Material: 100% waterproof silicone

Charging: wireless

Engine: Ultra-sonic, 6 power modes, 11 000 - 24 000 pulsations per minute

Battery: High-Quality Lithium Battery. With one charge, you can use the device for 3 months.

Size: 99mm*72mm (3,9inch*2,84inch)


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